We stropped it for a leather strop with green element for the short while, plus it effortlessly went back to shaving razor- sharp.

We stropped it for a leather strop with green element for the short while, plus it effortlessly went back to shaving razor- sharp.


In terms of simplicity of resharpening, we despaired of having to check that because absolutely absolutely nothing i did so actually dulled the blade notably. But, we left the knife out in the family area with my children around, and also the day that is next picked it and discovered so it was indeed jammed in to the kydex sheath backwards. Whenever I yanked it away, shavings of kydex went every where, and also the blade was in fact dulled sufficient by the experience so it wouldn’t shave locks perfectly.

This is a great, hard-use, full-custom blade with impeccable fit and finish as with all of Dawson’s knives. The finish that is cerakote accurate grinds are gorgeous. Every filipino cupid login to site part for this blade is flawless. My loved ones was in city, and everybody it was showed by me to had been impressed.

The side which comes from the store is wicked razor- razor- razor- sharp, also it remains razor- sharp through a substantial amount of usage and punishment. The flattened pommel is interestingly ideal for basic destruction and mayhem.

How big the Scout is simply right, especially if you’re conscious about weight and/or concealing it. It’s big enough doing all you need to do except chopping, and tiny sufficient to stash someplace out-of-the-way.

The primary grievance I have actually about it blade is by using the Cerakote finish. Cerakote is really a great finish for corrosion resistance — one of the better, in reality. And also to avoiding the blade from tossing a good spark, and it also simply does not operate to abuse almost along with a few of the more recent PVD coatings or a DLC layer like IonBond.

We don’t understand how a lot of an alternative this could be realistically, however, because We don’t think the $395 cost with this blade can get any greater. And this brings us to one other con because of this knife: the purchase price is up here, particularly for a blade that you’re going to conquer in the real means that this 1 desires to be beat on. It is really generally not very costly for the customized, nonetheless it ain’t inexpensive, either.

Aside from the finish, the single thing I’d modification about any of it blade could be the little finger choil. a little finger choil with this blade is just not necessary as you can already get sufficient control with it. I’d rather do have more side and a sharpening that is small, alternatively.

In every, however, here is the greatest match i really could supply the Scout: if We had been headed into a totally unknown scenario and might just bring a hatchet plus one blade, the blade is the Scout. It is exactly that insanely tough and versatile, therefore the undeniable fact that it is therefore much blade while nevertheless being fairly concealable is huge.

There are some other fixed blades that i prefer better for different situations. I’d just take A falkniven customized f1 or NL4 for backwoods success, or a sizable Busse fixed blade if i possibly couldn’t also bring a hatchet. If the situation is wholly unknown, I’m planning to value toughness, versatility, advantage retention, and easy of carry/concealment most importantly of all, as well as the Scout can be as near to the maximum point for all those characteristics as any blade I’ve ever endured my fingers on.

Until one thing occurs to displace it, we think about the Scout to function as ultimate device for a sideways situation in a metropolitan environment, in which a fixed-blade blade can be as much a demolition and searching device because it is a cutting implement.

In most, Dawson has another winner on his fingers aided by the Scout, and I also can’t wait to test out a number of the other knives in their brand brand new line.

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