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Some time ago I was asked what about our school makes me most proud; as I searched for an answer I realized that there are so many things. There are headline achievements, such as our British Schools Overseas accreditation, our children’s attainment in reading and mathematics and our students’ IGCSE examination results.

Of course, headline achievements are often based on data. In schools we love producing data to show how good our school is. Sometimes it must seem that we are motivated by this data: by the quest for ever higher examination grades or ever wider age differentials. At the BOS data is not what drives us. For us data sets are markers to show us how far we have come on our journey – data is not an end in itself; it is not the destination. In fact, I’m not convinced that the journey actually has a destination. We are motivated by the process more than the destination.

Facts & Figures


1:5 ratio of teachers to students in our primary school


2021 world ranking for value-added


Ours is the ‘first and only’ school in
Pakistan to be accredited by the
British School Overseas


82% of our students achieved 9-8 IGCSE
grades in 2021


16 years for our Principal to be serving in school

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