Achievement Of BOS

On behalf of the whole school, I welcome you to our website. I hope it gives you the information you need, and offers you a clear introduction to the School, its people and its values.

Within the context of Karachi’s education establishment, the BOS is a unique and courageous institution. Unique, because we interpret education broadly. We view learning as a process and as an outcome. We encourage skills as well as knowledge. We value the whole child and every child; not as a resource to be processed in an educational machine but as an individual within our family.

Courageous, because today, so many schools are pressurised into defining education simply and solely in terms of examination grades. Often they do so in the belief that their students will be better able to cope as global citizens. But, to do this is to settle for measurable over valuable; quantitative over qualitative. It is to minimise and simplify the challenges facing the global citizen.

The BOS is more ambitious. We strive for the highest academic achievement, but want to achieve it in the best way, by developing children and students to be enthusiastic learners with the skills required to take them far beyond the BOS, and with the imaginations to envisage where ‘the far beyond’ might be. We do not want them to cope, we want them to excel.

By taking this more difficult road, we believe our students will be better equipped to face all challenges – whatever they might be. If we know anything about our future, it is that it will be dominated by change, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. Those who excel will be determined, adaptable, resilient and creative. I sincerely believe that among them will be students from the BOS.

It is difficult to convey the energy, enthusiasm and passion that infuse our school on a website. I would encourage you to visit us, see us in action and begin to appreciate for yourself what a truly special school the British Overseas School is.

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