Personal Development

Personal Development

It has long been recognized that a good school and an outstanding education is about much more than academic achievement.

Today, unfortunately, so many schools are pressurised into defining education simply and solely in terms of examination grades. Often they do so in the belief that their students will be better able to cope as global citizens. But, to do this is to settle for measurable over valuable; quantitative over qualitative. It is to minimise and simplify the challenges facing the global citizen.

Today’s world is always dynamic and often turbulent. If we know anything about our future, it is that it will be dominated by change, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. To keep their feet, and their heads, a young person needs to answer the question, “who am I?” at an early age and under great external pressure. Those who excel will be determined, adaptable, resilient and creative. They will have the qualities and characters that enable them to lead with integrity, to play their part in a team, to communicate effectively and to make decisions based on sound judgement.

Generally, character and this kind of personal development does not arise from more time in the classroom. They arise from opportunities to test one’s character and challenge one’s values – on the field, on the stage and beyond the school walls. This is why a school’s programme of activities, events and opportunities is so important for a child or student’s development.

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