The BOS Community

The BOS Community

The BOS is a small school, with a family feel. As such our community is extremely important. Without parent volunteers we would not be able to undertake many of the events and activities that have become part of our annual calendar. It is the hard work and commitment of our teachers, as well as the support of our parent community, that allows us to “punch above our weight”.

Parents support our events, volunteer for supervision duties and, in some cases, lead enrichment activities. In 2018-19 more than 100 parents volunteered to help us in one way or another.

For many volunteers the BOS Parent-Teacher Association is their first port-of-call, and rightly so, because our PTA is extremely active. Led by a team of committed volunteers, the PTA organizes a range of events and activities for the every age group in the school.

During the year Primary children enjoy the PTA’s Halloween Party, Games Night, Cupcake Decorating, Bake Sale and Pakistan Day celebrations. The latter are especially valued as they present an opportunity for children to appreciate and practise local art forms such as Truck Art and Block Printing.

Older students enjoy a partnership with the PTA, helping them to organize charitable events such as the Community Mela and whole school events such as the BOS Carnival.

Adults also enjoy the PTA’s seemingly boundless hospitality. New parents have a chance to mingle with the old hands at the annual Meet & Greet; whilst teachers look forward to the PTA’s annual Teacher Appreciation Lunch.

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